How To Increase Traffic To Your Blog With Social Networks - Part - 1

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If you think that you can increase traffic to your blog from one day to the next without any solid strategy and then let me remind you that it is not easy. However, he was much more simple with "keyword research", it does not stop there. You need to invest much more work and serious efforts to increase traffic to your blog, if you don't know where watch and be without purpose, simply unnecessary.

1. Get social with social networking sites:

Social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and a large number of visitors and users who open a session on the Internet on a daily basis and also a growing number. And the best part, visit these social users every day to update their profile and other information and to make new friends, talk about the latest stuff.
If you use Facebook, and I think that you can increase traffic to your blog and are then necessary to create a "fan page" for your blog. Because you can create your mailing list "fan page." Create a bio on your blog and add your blog address in the biography. Add in the occupied Palestinian territory "your fan page" e-book. Once you have the email address that you are able to share with my readers. Send followed contained material or useful tips through newsletters or information e-book with the title of your blog. It is a great way to start conversations and add interest.

2. Advertisements in the newsletters:

Bulletins online help increase traffic to your blog on a daily basis. Take this stuff, buy some ads published in the newsletters online.
However, they simply read the content of the slope with a few readers newsletter and never spend properly. Therefore, you need a dynamic and attractive newsletter that can capture the attention.

3. Create traffic software fribasid your blog increase:

You can easily visualize the concept that can be useful for other subsidiaries of marketing Internet dating, and then hire a programmer to complete the program to your needs.
They are not sophisticated or extravagant. I recommend making account calculator, or even a great match ups love calculator. I say various other branches and Web sites and then give them a link or encourage them to link back to your blog. Take advantage of the existing free software and increase traffic to your blog.

4. The strengthening of the software for download:

It is a good idea to build a free program to increase traffic to your blog. It is not difficult to make a program in Visual Basic. Make a program to download the small but interesting and add your links to your newsletter, or your links of affiliation or your blog. You can even add all three links (blog + news + links of affiliation).

5. Submit your program to download the list who will be the host:

To get the upgrade is superior to your blog, you will be on the right track with a good strategy. Distribute your software free software such as Dixit directories, you attract visitors to your blog.


  • Stephen ken says:
    November 9, 2012 at 2:38 PM

    hi, this are the best option to increase more traffic in your site. i am also follow this way to get more visitor in my site.

    thanks bro for the sharing this important value.

  • gorge kemron says:
    November 9, 2012 at 2:44 PM

    what a nice post dude. i just follow this task and really it is very good idea.

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